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Why localize?

Reach more markets and customers by localizing your website into more languages and improve your brand image at the same time. We have the expertise, qualified human translators, and all the necessary resources to help you with that. With our Stream Translation API, the headache of localizing web sites is gone.

What is the Stream Translation API™?

The Stream Translation API™ integrates requests for estimates and online ordering on your web hosting platform, in your CMS, or in other documentation systems.

It offers on-demand access to human, professional translation of text into more than 70 languages, including cost and time estimates before you place orders.

What is the convenience?

The API eliminates the need for export of your website’s text content to separate file formats. Our solution transfers the text you need to translate straight to idioma’s translation platform and our native, human translators. When translation is ready, we send the text back, for you to get it right where you want it – inside your CMS.

The API is unique because it includes a Proofreading step when text is pre-published, to ensure public content is free from error.

Translation API features

We want to make sure the translated content is perfect. That is why we have integrated a proofreading process in the localization cycle. The pre-published content will be reviewed by our native proofreaders exactly as it will appear in its final form so they can correct and comment text and layout errors. If text needs to be adapted, it will be updated on your site automatically. If illustrative material does not fit a certain country or culture, we will inform you about this too. We do not compromise on the high quality of our deliveries. All the quality checks and translation processes that we use in our standard procedures are also applied on text ordered through the Stream Translation API™.
Text in a language that is identical or similar to text you have already translated can be automatically reused thanks to created translation memory. This reduces the cost, naturally shortens the delivery term and improves consistency of your content. Also text from other already translated documents, e.g. manuals and catalogs, can be reused.
Combine the Stream API with our Glossary Creation service to keep key phrases and terminology consistent.
Our user-friendly platform lets you track translation expenses and delivery schedules right on your webhosting platform or inside your CMS interface.

Why idioma?

  • 35 years of experience in the industry
  • 70+ languages and 5,000+ language pairs covered
  • 2,000+ professional translators and verifiers worldwide
For 35 years, we have constantly invested in new technologies and programming efforts, which together have created a very efficient production system for translation of text into many different languages. While emphasizing quality (we implement a mandatory 3-step Quality Assurance process and co-operate with native translators only), the focus in our development efforts has been to reduce cost and increase speed for our clients, bridge cultural barriers and expand their business thanks to effective localization.

How it works

You can choose from two solutions:
  • easily download and install our pre-programmed plug-in
  • we currently support WordPress and Drupal localization plug-ins
  • use our open API
  • have the application developed tailor-made for your needs.

Get started

It’s easy and straight forward.

  • 1 Create your idioma world account and get:
    • Full access to idioma translation and localization services
    • Tracking of your translation projects and their current status
    • History of orders, and invoicing overview
  • 2 Download the localization plug-in for WordPress or Drupal
  • 3 Install the plugin on your webhosting platform or in your CMS
  • 4 Translate and localize your website content and content updates!
  • 1 Create a sandbox account and obtain:
    • API access with an API Key and an API Secret.
    • An idioma test account, so you can develop calls from your system to your idioma account to query the system for delivery terms, prices, etc.
    • Access to our Dummy Translation Server that accepts text from your system, and returns dummy translations (same text with initial letters in each word replaced).
  • 2 Download your developer tools and API documentation
  • 3 Adjust the API to your needs
  • 4 Install your solution on your CMS platform
  • 5 Upgrade your sandbox account to full status and get:
    • Live account access with
    • an additional set of Live API keys
  • 6 Translate and localize your website content and content updates!

Download resources

Download the free CMS localization plugins or get the developers tools including:

  • a demo download,
  • detailed descriptions of all API calls and responses,
  • and the “localization lifecycle” that shows you in which order calls must be made.
With these resources, you can adjust the API as desired.

Free CMS plug-ins

Currently, free plug-ins are available for WordPress and Drupal. You are welcome to install, test, use and if needed modify these plug-ins. Both plug-ins can be set to work in our test environment (Sandbox) or to real production mode.

As a developer, you are of course welcome to develop your own solutions, either by modifying the plug-ins we offer or by creating your own based on the Stream API interface.

idioma free plug-in for WordPress


WordPress admin and user guide

Download (1.8MB)

idioma free plugin for Drupal

Download (0.2MB)

Drupal admin and user guide

Download (1.0MB)

Development tools

This application is a step-by-step interactive guide that explains the full lifecycle of a typical translation request for web page content. It suggests all possible “next steps”, and since it communicates with the real Stream API server, it displays an immediate response to each call from the developer.

Stream API test application

Download (8.1MB)

Stream API test application - developer’s guide

Download (0.2MB)

Useful libraries

sNotes Javascript library - for proofreading

The idioma free plug-ins have built-in support for proofreading of pre-published pages.Using special sNotes, the proofreader can comment on specified web pages using a call-out styled commenting feature.See GitHub for more details and example codes.

PHP library OAuth authentication

See GitHub for more details and examples.

PHP library for communication with idioma world system

See GitHub for more details and examples.


Run the plug-in or make your own custom API


GO TO YOUR idioma world account to track your translation projects.